Electrolytic ground rod with bentonite clay back fill. This rod should give a 5 Ohms or less connection to ground.
Connection from ground rod to breaker panel should be with # 4/0 wire.
Cad Weld bonding connections for connection to ground rod and technical ground distribution point.
True Isolation transformer that is K rated with:
  a. Oversized Neutral buss
  b. Flat copper windings
  c. Three layers of electrostatic shielding
  d. Primary surge suppression
  e. Secondary RF noise filtering
I.E.M. or Equivalent Distribution panel with:
  a. Copper buss bars
  b. Oversized neutral
  c. Isolated Neutral buss
  d. Isolated ground buss
  e. Main breaker with 80% under voltage magnetic dropout
High quality multi stage filtering along with spike and surge suppression for the service entrance and all branch panels.
Individual circuit wiring
  a. All wires should be stranded # 10 gauge wire for 20 amp circuits; # 12 gauge wire for 15 amp circuits.
  b. Hot and neutral wires should be twisted. (one twist per inch)
  c. All neutral and ground wires should be home runs to breaker panel.
  d. An additional utility ground wire should connect to each J box and back to breaker panel. This can be a # 14 solid wire.
  e. All wiring should be pulled through flex or rigid conduit.
  f. All receptacles should be isolated ground type. Hospital grade is preferable.
  g. Length of wiring from breakers to receptacles should be as short as possible. Less than 50' is Ideal.
Isolation transformer and ground rod should be located as close to the distribution panel as possible.
Any computers or hard drive based equipment should be on an ONLINE UPS system that is K rated with an input harmonic filtering system.