Arthur Kelm is CEO of Ground One AV Inc., a consulting firm that addresses the specific power and grounding requirements of professional recording facilities and high end home installations. His list of clients reads like a who's who of the entertainment industry. He has been Director of Engineering for Record One, The Complex, Record Plant Studios, Skywalker Sound and consultant for Walt Disney Imagineering. He brings his vast and varied experience, technical knowledge, and impeccable reputation to the marketplace. He now focuses his energies full time on problem solving and creating solutions.


We start with a site analysis of your existing ground system and electrical distribution. This analysis consists of measuring ground system resistivity, harmonic content of current, and percent of distortion of the power waveform. All of these are critical to the performance of your system.

We will then prepare a report for your review outlining a list of the required components to design or upgrade your system. We offer a number of tiered solutions to address system performance. If necessary, we will schedule job site visits to consult with your electrical contractor.

Once the installation is complete, we will then perform a final power analysys to verify power quality.


Power quality and grounding are the foundation of any electronic system.Keeping voltage distortion and harmonic noise content to a minimum in the power distribution system is essential for high quality sound and picture.Keeping noise and transients to a minimum is ABSOLUTELY necessary for the reliable operation of the new Hard Drive based audio, video, and security systems.Utility or on-site generator power is simply not adequate in these situations.


The "Clean Power Solution" at its suggested minimum consists of:

Properly installed ground system (under 5 ohms).

Electrostatic triple-shielded isolation transformer with copper windings, surge suppression on the primary, and RF filtering on the secondary.

Breaker panel with copper feeder bus bars, oversized neutral bus and isolated ground bus bar.

Highest quality spike and surge filtering.

Hospital-grade, isolated ground receptacles.

Electrical wire for installations is normally 12 gauge stranded for 20 amp circuits using MC cabling with insulated ground wire.